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DIY Matters, weed free easy gardening!

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Weed Control Fabric

ECONOMY Weed Control Fabric
from only £0.28 per m²

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Driveway & Patio Weed Control Fabric

PREMIUM Weed Control Fabric
from only £0.35 per m²

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Spear & Jackson Ratchet Secateurs

HEAVY DUTY Weed Control Fabric
from only £0.44 per m²

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Spear & Jackson Steel Digging Spade

Waterproof Plastic Sheeting
from only £0.18 per m²

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Weed control fabric for gardens, driveways and patios at unbeatable prices!

From vegetable growers and plant perfectionists to people who simply love the great outdoors - everyone wants to grow an amazing garden.

And that’s why DIY Matters endeavours to make the challenging task of growing an outdoor paradise a lot easier, and to help to keep it easy to maintain.

By supplying a wide range of garden and weed control membrane fabrics, DIY Matters will help make your garden, patio, decking or driveway absolutely flawless.

Prevent Weeds with DIY Matters weed control fabric

Weed Control Fabric only lets water and nutrients through to your plants, whilst suppressing the growth of nasty unwanted weeds. Using weed membrane also helps to keep the ground moist and protects from extreme temperatures, whilst reducing the need for watering of plants.

Weed control fabric is ideal for use under decorative gravel, bark, patios, driveways and decking.

DIY Matters offers great deals on a complete range of landscape fabrics. Available in a huge range of roll sizes. Choose from, weed control, drive & patio or heavy duty weed control fabric.

All DIY Matters landscape fabric can be finished with bark, mulch, light weight gravel or slate to enhance your garden and outdoor living space.

We have 4 different qualities in a range of sizes, to offer you the perfect product to suit your requirements:-

ECONOMY  Weed Control for Flower Beds – 50g
A breathable weed suppressing garden membrane for use under organic mulch, bark, decorative gravel or for simply lining planters in the garden.

PREMIUM Weed Control for Flower Beds – 70g
A premium grade breathable weed suppressing garden membrane with more durability for use under organic mulch, bark, decorative gravel or for simply lining planters in the garden.

HEAVY DUTY Weed Control Fabric for under Gravel and Pathways – 90g
Specially designed as a woven, breathable weed control fabric for heavy duty applications such as under gravel or slate  garden paths or trails, or under decking.

DRIVEWAY & PATIO Weed Control Geotextile – 70g
A specially designed geo-textile ground stabilisation membrane perfect for use under patios and driveways.

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